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  • do you have any great make up and hair tutorials from all these beautiful decades?

    Asked by Anonymous

    hi anon! i’m so sorry; it says your message was sent 16 days ago. i haven’t checked this account in a few weeks, so apologies for the slow response.

    the best site i know of is called beauty is a thing of the past. it’s just golden! it’s a great resource for authentic vintage tutorials.

    i’ve found some bloggers who have done some very accurate vintage hairstyle recreations. here are some of my favorite posts of theirs:

    basic and easy pin curl set

    1940s hair

    rita hayworth pin curl waves

    marilyn pin curl set

    authentic WWII era hairstyles how-to

    finger wave

    this one is a style from a time earlier than what my blog would normally cover, but it’s pretty so i’ll include it anyway~

    early 1900s gibson tuck hairstyle

    there are also some good tutorials on youtube, but beware of misleading video titles! (one time i searched for a 60s bouffant tutorial and i found videos of girls who pretty much just put their hair half-up, nothing close to a bouffant, haha.)

    guide to pin curls part 1, technique

    guide to pin curls part 2, brushing out (if you want to do this style don’t skip this part; it’s important!)

    foam roller wet set

    1920s/early 30s finger wave

    another video on 20s waves

    20s makeup

    60s mod makeup

    victory rolls

    60s-style beehive

    classic 60s “flip” style set

    flip style combout

    40s/50s-ish updo

    50s curls

    another way to do marilyn monroe hair

    40s-ish rag curls (the girl doesn’t specify this as a vintage tutorial, but this is also an old way to curl hair. the curls don’t come out as pretty with this method, but it’s a nice alternative to rollers/pin curls if you’re feeling kind of lazy, haha.)

    notice that i only included one tutorial that uses a curling iron - that’s because, firstly, i dislike curling irons with a passion. why? they fry your hair (plus your skin if you’re not careful), the curls they create aren’t as defined, and they fall within minutes if your hair is naturally very straight like mine!

    secondly, using a modern curling iron isn’t the “authentic” way to achieve vintage styles. (marcel irons were sometimes used in the 20s and 30s to get finger waves, however i’m under the impression they weren’t very popular because they had to be heated by stoves, lol.) i don’t want to sound like an elitist, but using an iron seems like cheating to me. it just feels so rewarding the first time you achieve a nice curl using rollers/pin curls. :D try it, you’ll love it.

    mastering the pin curl is key to being able to do styles from the 1920s all the way to the 1960s, even some 70s hairstyles. good luck, and be patient, these videos make it look easy but everyone has a hard time doing these styles at first. if you find pin curls too difficult, just buy some foam rollers! they’re cheap, much easier to use, and they can give you the same look as pin curls (however you don’t have as much control over the size of your curls). plus they’re nice to sleep on overnight! i recommend against buying velcro or plastic rollers; they’re uncomfortable to sleep with and can pull out your hair.

    sorry i didn’t include much on makeup! i don’t wear any personally, thus i don’t have many links saved on vintage makeup. however, when it comes to vintage makeup i think you can just go off pictures; there’s not a specific technique like there is with vintage hair - so you could always take a look through my archive for reference. c:

    i hope this is what you were looking for! and hopefully i didn’t lose you with this long-winded answer, i just want to make sure i give you all the info you might need instead of just links with no explanations haha.

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